The Wolf is guardian and master or prey god of the East.  He is the  younger brother of bobcat in the hunting directional set. of fetishes.  In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone.  The  wolf represents not just successful hunting, but also the ability to  work together for the good of the group because of its pack mentality.   It is a teacher, pathfinder, and represents a sharing of knowledge. He  teaches inner guidance and clarity. 

 Wolf fetishes are often given to newlyweds invoke the strong family bond  exemplified in these pairs.  He represents loyalty and family values. A  pair of wolves are often carved together, representing the wolf's  characteristic of mating for life. 


There are six sacred directions, each  guarded by a prey god (North - Mountain Lion; West - Bear; South -  Badger; East - Wolf; Above - Eagle; Below - Mole).  It is believed that  the hearts of the great animals of prey are infused with a spirit of  magic over the hearts of the animals they prey upon.  The prey gods are  given high rank among the gods.  Because of this, their fetishes are  greatly esteemed as mediators between people and the animals they  represent.   

Power of the Fetishes: The Zuni people feel  that the power of the Zuni  fetish lies within the heart of the Zuni Fetish, much like the power of  the animal the fetish represents.  It is believed that the hearts of the  great animals of prey are infused with a spirit or medicine of magic  influence over the hearts of the animals they prey upon.  The "breath of  life" derived from their hearts whether near or far never fails to  overcome a game animal.  The breath of the powerful prey animal  overcomes the weaker animal, piercing it's heart and causing it's limbs  to stiffen and the animal itself will lose it's strength.  The roar or  cry of the beast of prey is fatal to the game animals which hear the  cry.  It charms their senses as does the breath of their hearts.  Since  the mountain lion lives by the blood or "life fluid" and flesh of the  game animals, and by these alone, he is endowed not only with the above  powers, but also with peculiar powers in the sense of sight and smell.   Moreover, these powers as derived from his heart, are preserved in his  fetish, since his heart still lives, even though his person has been  changed to stone. (Frank Hamilton Cushing Findings)